Logical Step is a Cyber Security specialist.  Created over 25 years ago, by Dr Beverley MacKenzie, it has historically, exclusively provide its services to Government Bodies.  However, now it is offering these services to you. It is managed by Dr Beverley Mackenzie and Scott MacKenzie, a team who are passionate about technology, security and safety.  Combined they have over forty years of experience working with data security, data protection, cybercrime, cyber investigation, secure system design, financial audits, cyber audits, security architecture, computer forensics, financial forensics and ethical hacking.

Beverley, who is the CEO of Logical Step has over 25 years of experience of working in finance, computing and cybersecurity.  She is a qualified IT professional, a certified accountant, she also has an MSc in Information Security and a Ph.D in Cyber Security.  Scott, is the Chief Information Security Officer.  He has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology.  With a large part of that time being spent as a cybersecurity consultant – (working primarily in the government, defence and financial sectors).

Academically he has an MSc (distinction), in Information Security from Royal Holloway University, an MBA, a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration, a Postgraduate Certificate in Technology Management and a BSc in Chemistry.  Professionally he has obtained CREST Registered Technical Security Architect (CRTSA), ISC2's Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and compTIA's Security+.

As a team they not only understand cyber security, but they also understand business security and the importance of keeping information safe.  In summary, they have the knowledge and experiences that will enables them to provide you with a solid joined-up approach, to the protection of your assets.

Be it a design, investigation, or ethical hacking Logical Step aims to provide the best, to the best.


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